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Interesting.  I don’t know whether to say “Yippee !!”  or  “Bummer !”  Guess it really has to do with my emotional reaction to the creations that show up in my life !!!  When I take a Conscious moment (or ten) and review the emotional state-of-being I was in prior to the creation (which is positively or negatively evaluated by moi’ in the Now) I will, in all self-honesty, recognize my woe-is-me-ing that took place for the Bummers, or the yes-I-deserve-this-good for the Yippees.

The emotional state-of-being is the predicator. Not me chanting some mantra with glib, lackadaisical or nonchalance attitude in a monotone. Not me making a plea-bargain, attempting to whistle-while-walking-through-the-graveyard, or hoping against hope that the Negative Committee members (or family members … or friends …. or mates …. or kids … or co-workers …etc. ad nauseum) are ‘wrong.’  These attempts create the Bummer outpicturing.  Rather, breathe and get centered and then recite the well thought out, well-worded, empowering affirmation, stating the desire, with awareness, positivity, and deservedness. Feel the positive, loving emotions for Self flowing. These thoughts and feelings create the Yippee outpicturing.

The expression of the underlying emotional-equivalence runs the show ~ and sets the stage for the outcome: the ‘what I want‘ in the above quote. If I keep getting some (or lots of) outpicturings that …. to put it bluntly … suck, it is “on me” and my beliefs about what I deserve. That statement grabs alot of people right in the craw.  “I didn’t want thus-and-so!”  No, you probably didn’t want that, on the surface. Who would??!!  Yet if one carries around the emotional mindset and inner beliefs of Murphy’s Law, or that it’s an unjust world, or that people are ‘out-to-getcha’ (or I-gotta-watch-my-back which is simply the same thing), then you (or me, in my instances of Bummer) will get what we ‘want.’  This goes for others you may know. And, as birds of a feather DO flock together, you may have quite a few of those in your world. (You can choose to keep flappin’ with them, or bail from that nest.)

When I get to a place where what I feel and what I want are uplifting and in harmony, good great things begin to happen ~ in my Now and in my Tomorrows. Can’t change the past. So, stop bemoaning it.  Even more lovely happenings await:  lousy Bummer things become less and less, as I practice, practice, practice. And remember:  you work on you. Others don’t/can’t make manifest for or at you. No matter who they are, what their relationship is to you, how much you’ve put them on a pedestal or in a pit, the only power they truly have is the emotional power you give them.

There was a book, years ago, entitled When Bad Things Happen To Good People, by Harold Kushner. Well, I guarantee you, when one identifies oneself or someone else as “good” there is that value judgment, just as is the judgment or labeling the ‘thing’ as “bad.”  Same hold true for events. When I remember to stay out of the judgment of a person/place/thing/event as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ I loosen up my own self-judgment.   [I always wondered why no one wrote When Good Things Happen to Bad People. Huh … maybe I’ll write it one day.]  Focus on Self. Change those negative actions/behaviors that need to be changed. Create the loving inner- and outer-self you say you want.

Choose to focus, TODAY, on gaining congruence with what you want and what you feel. Positive or negative, it will outpicture.. How you feel about it is the Key.  I’d love to explore this more. How about it?

Pssst…..Today, may your Yippees far outweigh your Bummers.

Lin Church, Mssw

Coach ~ Mentor ~ Writer ~ Presenter:  JourneyWoman