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“As within, so without.”

I, personally, believe that what is going on in my mind and Mind {ie: my thoughts and feelings about thus and so} totally affect the health and well-being of my body. I am an advocate of the teachings of Louise Hay and the construct that there are emotional causations that ultimately will create outpicturings in physical issues and dis-ease, unless addressed early on. Everything is energy, including our thoughts: neurons fire via chemical discharge and receptor sites receive; neural pathways get formed; habits in thinking and behavior are forged ~ what is all of this if not energy? Scientifically proven facts. Thoughts create ‘things.’

I also am a proponent of what is usually disparagingly termed ‘alternative medicine’ {which I actually find amusing, as many of these forms of healing have been documented for centuries}. How does the body “know” to knit together torn ligaments or broken bone? By an exchange of internal energy. And … massage therapy, healing touch, Reiki, chiropracty, herbs and minerals and vitamins, and accupuncture, all contribute an exchange of energy as well. Enhancing the Body’s own inborn “knowing.” Making this Journey Work with greater physical ease.

If you wish to explore some possibilities for creating a healthier you, or if you wish to schedule a Reiki session, or simply learn more about having your thoughts support you better, please feel free to contact me.