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Destiny – Ask Lin

I had sent out a Quote a while back, and it intrigued someone enough that it created the following dialogue:

Quote: Destiny

“Every person has his own destiny… the only imperative is to follow it, … no matter where it leads.”     ~  Henry Miller

 ‘R’ wrote:  Good Morning Lin.  I have a question on this matter.  How do you know if you’re following it? What are you thoughts on this?  I would really like to know.

Response:  ‘R’ – good morning in return.  Great question!!

So – how does one know if s/he is following their destiny?  I guess, for me, the biggest ‘clue’ is resonance.

  • Is there that ‘energy’ inside that is pushing and pulling at the same time ~ that keeps one going toward and/or returning to the same ‘thing’ over and over?
  • Is there a longing inside – usually a DEEP longing – to discover/ be/ do something that, even though it “doesn’t make sense,” is still there?
  • Also, even when there is an in-the-now frustration with what It is, there is satisfaction and enjoyment of It in the overall picture.

I can call it a “curiosity about….”  or a “need,” to know/ be/ do – yet when It continues to call, over and over, it IS and holds {for me} the components of destiny. It doesn’t have to be something on some grand, large scale that makes the cover of Time (or even the National Enquirer),  yet there is a feeling while one is engaged in It (even in the smallest manner), that feels “right” and “true.”

I have a friend who is involved in Scouting. He knows that his purpose is to teach and guide:  his son, and by association other young boys.  To assist them and help them become loving, giving, empowered young men.  He’s gone from being the dad of a cub scout, to an assistant pack leader, to a den leader, and has been asked to head the local Division. Time and again, with each movement forward and ‘upward’ as it were, he has questioned it:    wondered about time constraints, how this ‘interferes’ with his business and private practice, as well as social life and home life.  Yet, he found himself continuing to say “yes” when the opportunities present themselves {and they do !!  Such is the law-of-attraction}.  Each time he has said ‘yes’ to this Knowing that he has about what his purpose is, he is filled with greater joy and a sense of ‘fullness.’  It all, always, works out.

Personally, there have been times for me … and still are … that I really gut-deep Know that I am involved in what it is I am ‘here’ to do and fulfill.  My destiny (or ‘purpose,’ if you will).  Ironically, I also feel, at the same time, that I am “close, but no cigar.”  It is more than just a drive to “do” more – it’s a feeling that I am often on the periphery (or maybe even in the middle of) the purpose for me ‘being here’ and my life’s work.  Reaching that point of  “Yes. That’s It !!”  has not quite materialized. Yet. So I keep the vision of that purpose (or destiny) in Mind as I walk my day-to-day.

I Know deeply what it is I am to be doing /creating /Being.   It is sensory and visceral:  I see it, I feel it, I hear it. Yes, there are still times I allow fears and concerns to get in the way of stepping into the fullness of my destiny. When this happens, there’s a sense of dissatisfaction deep inside, as well as the gently insistent Voice that lets me know I am procrastinating and ‘hedging my bets.’ Truth also is, is that I really do know when I am distracting myself and off-course. {It leaves a real ‘yuk’ taste in my emotional ‘mouth.’} Ah the joys of “it’s an honest Program.”  We know when we’re b.s.-ing ourselves !

So … what is your destiny?  What is that inner craving or desire you have that you want to fulfill,  yet … “ssshhhhh….we don’t want other people to know because they’ll call us crazy, or lazy, or say that we’re being silly, and, of course we need to grow up and face the music, smell the coffee, accept ‘reality.’ “

Share It with yourself at least.  When you feel safe enough, share it with someone you trust.  An act as simple as this begins calling more of It into your world.

Hope all of this … kinda / sorta / maybe … helped answer the question. Also hope it raised more questions … and a determination to keep finding the answers.   Blessing to you my friend  🙂 🙂

Namaste’    Lin