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 B ~ BelieveGotta start somewhere, right?  Believe big. Using Carnegie’s statement is a guide, you are what you think, and beliefs are deep, repeated thoughts held to be truths: they are what you believe about yourself and the world you see, being out-pictured as things and events, as evidence of your belief. (Interesting circle there !)  Change your belief structure if the one you presently have is bringing you anger / fear, other emotional pain / fear, feeling separated / fear.  Start to think bigger, better, and brighter. You’re the one ‘holding the silver platter’ your It is ‘handed to you’ on. Don’t like what’s on the platter?  Believe big(ger).  Believe ‘better.’  Believe brighter.  What you believe matters in the creation of your world.
I ~ Imagination  You have one. Absolutely !  Well, Imagine Big.  Maybe you spend a lot {and I mean a lot } of time imagining the ‘worst that can happen’ …. yet … it is all simply in your imagination!  It’s not here ….. yet.  Ohhh!.  Well, here’s a novel concept:  what about imagining the ‘best that can happen’ instead!!  What one thinks about (imagines) becomes the focus ~ and using that focus ~ one then sees evidence of what is being focused on:  Those rude drivers;  I always get a great parking spot;  everybody cuts me off in line;  that person at the call service-center was incredibly helpful;  nah it’s too good to be true !  Yes, they really had just what I wanted.  Positive or negative, what is envisioned (you know, those films that run in your head) are connected to what one believes, thus creating this mental tape-loop in both thought and pictures, and viola ~ there’s that ‘proof’ ….. again.  “See, I told you, this always happens to me.”  Positive or negative: it’s your imagination !  Try seeing some positives in those internal films.
G ~ Gratitude Thank you.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  This was probably one of the first phrases learned (along with the word ‘please’) when most of us were about 3 or 4 years old. (Now is not the time to put away ‘child-ish’ things !!)  Gratitude is a resonance of feeling the ‘thank you’ as it is said with sincerity. Don’t have to be subservient,  gush-and-mush, reticent, or repeat.repeat.repeat (those are codep qualities). A simple heart-felt ‘thank you’ brings about a feeling of Gratitude within you. So imagine {oooohhhh ~ there’s that word again !!} really practicing feeling grateful foryou fill in the blank. There are a multitude of reasons to express thanks and feel gratitude all around you. Every day. No exceptions. Period. And so it is.

~ Lin Church, Mssw

      Coach, Mentor, Writer, Presenter:  JourneyWoman