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I believe within each of us is an innate knowing that there is ‘something’ above, beyond, within and without that is larger than this skin-suit we each rattle around in. {And not to diminish the skin-suit. Oh what an amazing and intricate thing. Full of mystery and entire universes of systems and co-operation.

Yes, there are those who absolutely, unequivocally believe “I’m born – I breathe – I die – I’m dust.” End of story. However, there is a much larger portion of folks wandering around {some wandering purposefully, some wondering as they wander} who connect with ‘something’. There are those who have definitive answers, yet lots of folks have vaguer explanations. Often there are not “earth words” to describe this connection. Most of all, no matter what words are used, it is a connection to certain feelings, often inexplicable feelings, that lets one know the connection is there… or desired… missing… or misplaced.

Conscious Connection is not about shoulds and musts; it is a venue and an avenue to lay claim to what one believes. True ownership. {For when one owns something, one is, hopefully, intimately aware of and with it.} No rote phrases or platitudes. No societal or familial history or baggage. Fresh ground. Your ground, where you plant the seeds, or harvest the bounty, of what it is you believe and what it is that nurtures your Soul.

Conscious Connection creates a platform and an environment where one can explore; where one can begin the practice of Consciously Connecting to the vastness and, at the same time, the intimacy of these feelings. Where… one can come home to Self and in doing so learn, experience, expand and connect with the inner- and inter-connectedness. Beginners welcome… as well as those who feel relatively grounded in their belief structure, yet wish for more. With a Conscious Connection one finds that this Journey Works in a deeper, fulfilling, more satisfying, and more loving manner.