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Usually I incorporate the data and thought-provoking messages that are available from discovering one’s Enneagram {pronounced any-a-gram… or as one sister pointed out ~ it’s like the belly-button, one either has an ‘inny’ or an ‘outty’ !} Enneagrams were and still are Life (and Spiritual) teaching tools, having been utilized over 2000 years ago in Greece, and in their recent resurrection the past several decades, to assist one in and on the Journey. If one chooses to incorporate their specific Enneagram, they will: have an understanding of the ‘why’ of their own beliefs and behaviors, as well as the genesis ~ gain greater awareness regarding the interconnection with others (both positively and negatively) ~ be provided practical guidance toward living a life of upliftment of Self and others ~ as well as letting go of blocking mindsets and behaviors.

Fascinatingly, I find the data of the personal Enneagram to be in tune with the Myers-Briggs, with the roles played in Family of Origin, and yes … even with one’s “sign” astrologically ! All are pieces and parts of the fascinating patterns of You: how you adopted certain characteristics, why you behaved the way you have in the past, what behaviors you can choose to incorporate in your today, and an insightful pathway to create a Journey that Works for you.

If you wish to delve into a deeper understanding of how you developed your personality, and ways to live from the ‘high side,’ I’d love to show the way.