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Organizational Enhancements

Organizations are simply a collection of people: the you’s and me’s, the us’s and them’s. Organizations can be large and multi-layered, small and intimate, bubbling bureaucracies or ‘mom-and-pop.’ In most cases, they fall into the areas in between.

These same organizations can be non- or for-profit, social, societal or business oriented. Within them all ~ are people. And … one is encouraged to remember, always remember, that the focused target population (consumers, clients, or customers) are ~ inevitably ~ people.

JourneyWorks engages with and within Organizations, be they a business, association, club or company, utilizing the basis of this construct: person-centered.

Organizations themselves become living breathing entities and also take on a personality of their own. The Mind behind-the-idea and/or creator of the organization had a vision; a purpose. Something that pulled or propelled, tugged or teased itself into being. Then people who chose to be “added to the mix” also found a message or a method that compelled them to connect.

Thus, with Growth comes change. Ideas blur, or sometimes get lost in the shuffle. Other things begin taking precedent; sometimes nudging the “important” out. This is where JourneyWorks shines. I encourage you to remember the basics; allow the vision to emerge again, and again, and again.