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Coaching: Individual or Small Group

Approaching the Team, or even a specific individual(s) within the team, can bring about greater cohesion and unity, and enhance problem-solving skills. Individual strengths are also enhanced and drawn into the whole. Styles and personalities can compliment. Enthusiasm and energy rises.


Presented on a number of topics, always client-centered. New ideas, shifts and changes, expanding horizons, or reinforcing the tried-and-true.


These are experiential, hands-on presentations that incorporate ideas and interaction among participants. Topic specific ~ again focusing on client-centered needs.

There are times that folks simply need to get away from the familiar in order to immerse themselves, without the distractions of the day-to-day. Retreats allow for this phenomena in settings that support focus, comfort, relaxed atmosphere, energy. Participants begin seeing each other in a new and varied way, enhancing connections, encouraging communication, and with the potential of returning to the day-to-day exceedingly ‘different.’

Ennegram Workshops
A fun and fascinating workshopt that hones in on the unique style of each participant, blends these styles int a cohesive, unilateral bond showcasing strengths of all. Decidely different…yet great team building event.