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What Is Coaching?

Have you noticed that nothing stays static, or the same. Nothing. Everything progresses ~ positively or negatively. Whether it’s a job or career, a recovery journey, wealth, dis-ease, connectedness in relationships, age, life’s passages ~ everything changes. So you ask yourself: what do I do? Where do I turn ?

Well, noone is expected to have all the answers. That’s why there are teachers, books, mentors, sponsors, films, classes….and Coaches. All you have to do is make a choice. You can do something ~ or do nothing. You can Consciously live life, or let life “happen.” (Yet ~ the “happenings” are really a result of your choices too!)

Life Coaching is akin to having a coach to assist you with singing ~ q baseball swing ~ or physical strength. You have the desires ~ the Coach helps tap into your potential. Coaching is a supportive connection that encourages one to recognize and utilize strengths, hone skills, and move joyfully forward into life: your hopes, dreams, and goals. They can all come alive again ~ they are still there, waiting for you to respond.

Most Coaching encompasses up to four realms; they are, in no particular order:

1) confidential thought-partnership (sometimes this is about our life ‘story’, how to understand and create new loving responses to ‘old’ situations, gaining new insights, etc.);

2) new-skill building (stepping into an area that you’ve not been in before such as a new job, new relationship role, new way of looking at yourself);

3) ‘strengths’ enhancement (such as increasing the dynamic of a strength or skill you already have, taking a learned behavior to the next level, or communicating more efficiently and effectively with a loved one or co-worker) ; and/or

4) moving in a different direction (stepping onto a different path other than where you presently are). Often there is flow ‘betwixt and between’ all four of these realms.

Coaching is not psychotherapy; it is not diagnoses, or labeling what’s “wrong.” It is not about the past or staying stuck. Coaching IS about growth, forward movement, and choice-making at a healthier level. You know the work you have already done. Coaching is about the You here-and-now … and where you want to go and grow.

MENTORING is a further adjunct of Coaching. The word ‘Mentor’ is Latin and found in both Greek literature and mythology. It denotes an individual being not only a sounding board, but a “wise and loyal adviser” or teacher. Mentoring within a Coaching relationship encompasses a bit more direct evaluation of skills and works being done. Critique, not criticism; suggestions, not ‘shoulds,’ following a sometimes detailed outline of what it is you say you wish to accomplish. Deeper accountability for deeper and lasting changes. And, always, your choice.