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Practice Focus:

F = Fidelity: I debated between ‘fidelity’ and ‘fealty’ as they both mean allegiance, continuing loyalty, support, and faithfulness. {Ohhh … another ‘F’ word !}  To focus in the manner intended here, with fidelity, is to make that dedicated commitment to Self to stay true to the Intention. And. Follow. Through. Often one thinks of fidelity in context to an intimate relationship. Well … let’s expand that thought of intimate relationship to include the most intimate relationship you can have … that one with yourself. To quote a 12-step adage ~ borrowed (with thanks) from William Shakespeare in his play ‘Hamlet’ “This above all: to thine own self be true, And it must follow, as the night the day, Thou canst not then be false to any man…”   As you choose to focus daily to live with fidelity (in other words, in honor) of your truest inner beliefs, you will find and live Grace.   
O = Onward:  What a great word, imbued with positive energy ! Continuing forward direction. Not backwards nor sideways;  rather – ahead. Eyes forward, thoughts in alignment with Now, actions congruent with solutions and the further creation of Intention.    
C = Commitment:  This word use to have a ‘heavy’ weight to it for me, mainly because I perceived it to have all sorts of strings (ropes, braids, chains … you get the picture} attached to it. In it’s simplicity it is, simply, defined as the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc. Folks have all sorts of commitments;  some may call them ‘habits’ while others call them ‘routines’ ~ yet ~ what are each of those things other than a ‘commitment to.’  The encouragement here is to have that dedication or allegiance to what it is that you say it is that you truly want to be, do, have, give.  Choose. Focus. Follow.
U = Unwavering: Ooooohhhh. Spooky in the context of a starring-match. Empowering in the context of continuing to focus in a strong and steady way.  I often experience the “oh, look at the bird” distractions, yet pretty quickly continue to reMind myself to focus (or refocus) on the task at hand. {If this happens repeatedly, I realize I am not really vested in the task at hand !}  May be time to pause and look at what’s going on with and around me. Usually I’m doing something that is not really about Onward Forward Commitment to …. and in a place of false-obligation, people-pleasing, other-judgment (under the guise of what-will-they-think-about-me),  or procrastination ~ ‘cuz this is just too har-ard !  It’s time for self-talk, regrouping, refocusing, and … to buck up. No one said it would be smooth sailing the entire way ~ yet effort does not equate struggle. Just effort.   
S = Service:  In being of service to others (the action of helping or doing […or gifting] work for another) one is always, in truth, in service to themselves. One may view it as doing a favor, a kindness, a good turn, helping out, providing assistance … or whatever explanation given, yet the ‘ I ‘ is the one doing it. There is always some kind of pay-off to and for self. That’s not meant to be a ‘snarky’ comment to denigrate the service provided. It is simply an awareness that Self benefits as well ~ usually in intangible, emotional ways. Imagine the joy and upliftment you get to experience when your Focus is leading the way. Just that. No other agendas need apply.
Lin Church, Mssw
Coach~Mentor~Writer~Presenter: JourneyWoman