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F = Firmness.  Faith is such a powerful word, yet a lot of folks associate it (especially this time of year) with connection to a religious concept. Many folks have faith in … things outside themselves. In this month’s quote-post, I am   speaking to the faith that one also has in and for themselves. (Whoa ~ novel concept !) A cornerstone of faith is firmness ~ a belief “not subject to change or revision; not easily moved or disturbed; steadfast.” Taken ‘high-side’ as I intend, the Firmness of faith in Self is a powerful mental and emotional state of being. Especially during those times one may be facing deep confusion, illusions of chaos, and even l-o-n-g moments of despair ~ there is the firmness or steadfastness of holding on to the Knowing of one’s truth. Faith is uplifting. The firmness of one’s faith in…. becomes the wings.       
A =  Anticipation.  Believing is seeing. Decide how you want something to be, act and live from ‘that place’ and watch it unfold. Find the enjoyment of anticipation by “looking forward to some occurrence with the prospect of joy of what is foreseen.”  Anticipate a positive outcome. Let the naysayers mumble in another room, just not the room you’re in. Truth is (low-side) they will anticipate, see and experience what they believe ~ as believing is seeing. So anticipate and see what you wish to have unfold ~ high side.
I = Impending.  Funny word here. It is often followed by the word ‘doom.’  Why is that?  The definition of the word has to do with something “to be about to occur; being soon to appear or take place.”  No negatives (or even positives) attached to the definition. So let’s try something novel !  Let’s envision Impending Joy, Impending Laughter, Impending Satisfaction, Impending Courage, Impending Peace.  Hey ~ have faith !
T = Trust.  The “firm belief in the integrity, ability, effectiveness, or genuineness of someone or something;”  Need I say more? Another cornerstone. Trust yourself. Trust your faith. Move into and through the world from this powerful place.
H = Harmony.  There is a sense of ease when one trusts {with anticipation and firmness} the impending {positive} future. There is harmony in the Mind and body ~ a relaxing, a deep breath – inhaled inward and out as if on a sigh, a centeredness within. An internal calm. Living and thinking “in accord and congruently with the pleasing arrangement of parts. An equilibrium, evenness and symmetry. A symphony of and unity with.”   Therein, in that place, harmony exists. Give yourself that gift this season. You may decide to experience it all the year through.
Lin Church, Mssw

Coach ~ Mentor ~ Writer ~ Presenter:  JourneyWoman