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PRACTICE: Holding On!

So very often folks are told to “let go” of people, places, things and/or events that bring drama, chaos, sadness and grief. Whether it was Master Po entreating young Caine in the art of Kung Fu with “let go, grasshopper,” or Yoda and Luke, to 12-step meetings where one is encouraged to “let go and let god,” letting go is a prescribed path to serenity, or at least a greater sense of peace.  In the western world 2018 stand before us one and all. Things seem a bit … shall we say … chaotic? So how about this year the choice is made to hold on.  To hold on to those qualities that enhance life, both internally and externally.  Notice that these qualities are for the most part intangibles … values … states of being and interacting.  How about we practice “holding on.”

Practice Holding On!

H =  Honesty.   I am not being trustworthy unless I am being honest. There is integrity in honesty. “You” don’t have to agree or even like ‘it,’ yet there is always a solid foundation being built with honesty. Honesty is … well … honorable. It is living in truth with ones principles.  And “we practice these principles in all our affairs.”  Hold on to Honesty.

O =  Oneself.   Without getting kinky : ) holding on to oneself ~ one’s beliefs ~ one’s sense of who they are in the universe and the grand scheme of things ~ is coming from a place of centeredness. It is accepting Self and loving Self, no matter the oops and mis-takes, the siren’s call of current fashions and trends, the adamancy of others demanding you agree (or disagree) with current events. Holding on to Oneself is following your True North. Simply and even quietly; assuredly.  Hold on to Oneself.

 L =  Loyalty.   Loyalty is about allegiance and faithfulness. It is being awake and aware of what one chooses to be loyal to. It is not blind obedience;  not loyal-to-a-fault nor codependent enmeshment. In this context, loyalty is about making a conscious choice to support and acknowledge those beliefs that touch you deeply, enhance your life, and the life of others. First and foremost, in doing so, you are honoring yourself.  Hold on to Loyalty.

 D =  Dedication.   While practicing honesty and loyalty, it becomes almost second nature to step into dedication. Such words as commitment, enthusiasm, conscientiousness, zeal and tenacity are all definitions.  I can celebrate my life ~ and the life of others ~ with exuberance. I can do this ‘large’ or subtle. I dedicate myself to my self-commitments (psst … that means to follow-through), living my truths in a manner that becomes evident to others without me shouting it from a rooftop or standing atop a soapbox. For those who have ever participated in a building dedication, it becomes a blessing, a benediction. Imagine offering this to your Self. And to others.  Hold on to Dedication.

O =  Others.  No wo/man is an island, to paraphrase John Donne.  “No man is an island entire of itself, every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main.”  You and I live in concert with each other (whether we want to acknowledge that or not !)  The more I am willing to understand you and, hopefully, the more you are willing to understand me, there is a coming together vs a separation. So, for the people already in your life that you care for ~ let them know !!  For acquaintances and friends that are cup-fillers for you ~ stay in touch. Reach out. For individuals with whom there is some form of disharmony ~ be wo/man enough to discover solutions, make amends, and move into acceptance. Yes ~ you go first !!  Different is not ‘right and wrong’ ~ it is simply different.  Hold on to Others.

 N =  Nobility.  I chose this word with a purpose similar to the concept of noblesse oblige. The french derivation and definition of that phrase is the “moral obligation of those of high birth, powerful social position, etc, to act with honor, kindness and generosity.”  Yet for me, true nobility has nothing to do with lineage or a perceived position of power. It IS however, understanding and having a moral center from which one thinks and behaves towards others in an honorable and decent manner, with integrity and generosity a lovely byproduct. No sackcloth-and-ashes; no throwing oneself on the sword. No what’s-in-it-for-me. And no less-than mindset or more-porridge-please beggary. Standing tall. Looking each other in the eye. And offering a helping hand, a caring word, or both !  This is my definition of Nobility.  Hold on to it.

 With these simple suggestions, 2018 will indeed be a phenomenal happy new year !

Lin Church, MsswCoach

~ Mentor ~ Writer ~ Presenter:  JourneyWoman