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I really believe in the message from the above quote. I don’t always practice it, yet I do firmly believe it. Therefore, it is an especially important, and practical, re-Minder this upcoming first-week-of-2018. While I personally advocate reviewing the year past to recognize the “oops” that were there (and they WERE there). I also know, for me, that if I am unaware of (or blithely ignore) the repeat-pause-rewind-repeat of thoughts and subsequent behaviors from the past (including yesterday), I am pretty much destined to repeat them ad nauseum and wonder why ‘things’ aren’t working the way I say I want them to. 
By the same token, reviewing the past year is also a time of celebrating the YeeHaw’s !!! of events that were lovely and celebratory and fulfilling.  Here’s where I enjoy the ‘repeat’ phase ~ filling my cup even fuller.  Repeat the positive self-talk. Repeat the affirmative statements for self and the world. (Yes, indeedy, one person’s thoughts and actions can and do change the world.)  Whether it’s coming from Yoda, the holy books and bibles, SOM, Abraham & Esther, 12-step … the message IS the same:  master your thoughts and you will master your life.
How about setting that 2018 ‘Wants’ list?  Let’s DO it !