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Practice the Way:

W = Wisdom.  This is not quite sitting-on-the-mountaintop, yet it IS about recognizing the Wisdom you possess, gathering more information if need-be, making choices based on gut (that inner Knowing) vs “head & heart” (thought-only ruminations which are often compounded with a loud Committee member shouting in your ear, and/or emotional reactions that boil up and over spewing onto healthy self-decisions). Not The Wisdom of the Crowd (one heck of a scary, big-brother tv show as far as I am concerned!!), nor the expectations of your current society.  Wisdom. True wisdom. Data from people and resources that you trust, assessing for ‘rightness’ for your current situation(s), and ending with that centered feeling (even if it’s a bit ‘foreign’ to you) of what is the course of movement – for you.

A = Action.  Ahhh.  Here comes that “course of movement.”  Yup. Gotta get up and do (or refrain from doing the old) behaviors that move you into congruence. Scary.  Exhilarating.  Both?  You betcha.  Do it anyway.  You might not do it with finesse the first (or third) time out, yet do it. Believe in the course you’ve chosen. Pay attention to what stands in the way. Utilize your wisdom, and keep moving. Is it okay to shimmy and shift steps originally planned out? You betcha. They are plans, not orders. Keep moving. Pause. Refresh. Keep moving.

Y = Yield.   Funny thing, this word.  Can mean ‘giving in or up’ as in sports etc: yield-the-arena, or it can be the bounty produced as in the yield from a bountiful harvest.  And m-a-y-b-e in this case at hand, it is both. Giving up on old patterns that have held you back; giving in to Wisdom and Action. Gaining a bountiful harvest of outcomes that ultimately feed your purpose, passion and path.  Yield onward ! And so it is.

Lin Church, Mssw
Coach ~ Mentor ~ Writer ~ Presenter:  JourneyWoman