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“Life is too short to waste time waiting for other people’s approval on how you live it.”~ Steve Maraboli
I don’t believe a single snow crocus or daffodil, much less flowering dogwood or even fescue, wait for the approval of ‘others’ to decide when they will burst into bloom, fill a woods with color, or turn a bristly-brown yard green again. They simply live life ~ their way. They follow their knowing about what their purpose is. What their own life means ~ to them.  (Yes, I’m anthropomorphising a bit here ~ yet you get my point !!)  Spring is a wonderful time to pay attention to those things that matter to you. Give it some (serious) thought. How many ‘shoulds’ do you carry around that aren’t even your ‘wants’?  Weed them out.  What do you excel at? What are you ‘good’ at, that – when you’re engaged in the activity – brings fulfillment (for self and others too)?  Sow those seeds. Little things (hobbies and interests) and Big things (vocation, volunteerism, profession) don’t need the stamp of approval from others. Time to clean out the shed and get rid of old tools (baggage) that no longer serves a purpose for you.  Spring becomes summer ~ and summer becomes autumn.  Too soon.
Life is short.
Seek your own approval.    Namaste’  Lin