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“If you think something is missing in your life, it’s probably YOU!”~ Robert Holden

This was a bit of a gotcha ! Was kvetching, mainly in my own head, in response to the current ‘oddness’ I find myself experiencing, and came across this quote. Or, I really mean to say ~ this quote came across me. I continue to adore (truly!!) how I receive the guidance from the most unexpected sources when I but pay attention. Ask. Receive.

When I choose to turn a mutter-mutter-mutter into a question ~ and use that question to ask for information and guidance ~ voila`.
It appears. I may again kvetch a bit about the information and/or guidance ~ that’s simply resistance to absorbing new truths that I don’t-wanna acknowledge. Yet if I vest myself back into MY life, the ‘oddness’ becomes less ‘odd’ and I find there are avenues and directions I can choose to follow ~ or not. My choice. I can continue to be MIA, blaming other people, places, things or events, or I can ~ as the saying goes ~ suit up and show up in my own life.

What about you? Willing? Or shall each of us continue to play the victim? Ahhh. Choices.

My suggestion? Rejoin your life, so you can Live your life !

Namaste’ Lin