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“Vocation is the place where our deep gladness meets the world’s deep need.”

~ Frederick Buechner

It’s interesting to live on both a macro- and micro- level: giving attention to the “things out there” (the World) while concurrently giving attention to the “things in here” (self-care). For me, what resonates with Buechner’s quote are the words deep gladness. When one uses that as a barometer, one will be able to see / feel where they may be out of sync.

If sooooo much time and energy is being spent practicing one’s vocation {calling, purpose, mission} “out there,”  providing positively-focus solutions and actions, and yet the Inner is being disregarded or pushed to the back burner, it is easy to see the signs. Exhaustion, irritability, less energy, forgetfulness, even culminating in ill health. Balance is waving the flag for attention.  Martyrdom, and allowing oneself to embrace ‘being a victim,’ of a vocation truly isn’t noble.

By the same token, if one embraces a vocation of self-growth and -care, yet the focus is soooooo internally under a microscope, and the ‘out there’ is going to the proverbial hell-in-a-handbasket, then balance is, once again, waving that flag for attention. Disregarding the needs of the World (a neighbor, a friend, a community, a country) then becomes a form of narcissism. In either instance, martyr or narcissist, there is a huge loss of the essence of deep gladness in both the micro- and macro-, internal and external, realms..

We are, like most all other critters on this planet, social animals. No wo/man (or panda or ant) is an island. Using deep gladness as the criteria, the barometer, for expression in both arenas, is the goal.  Imagine loving life and living life. Giving and receiving. Deep gladness.

Where do you need to place your own attention for balance? What self-care (mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually) have you let slide to the back burner?  What contribution have you delayed getting involved in ‘out there’?   It all matters.

Let’s talk. Let’s plan. Fill your cup ~ and let it runneth over !    Namaste’

Lin Church, Mssw

      Coach ~ Mentor ~ Writer ~ Presenter:  JourneyWoman