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PRACTICE: {having} Ideas

I – Inventiveness:  What I love about “ideas” is that they are usually about something that has caught my attention, peaked my curiosity, or grabbed my interest.  {Hmmmmm…. I wonder if….    or    Why can’t __ fix / assist / help __    or    Huh? What about ….?} These sometimes oh-so-fleeting thoughts underpin inventiveness. (There’s also the old phrase ‘necessity is the mother of invention.’)  No matter if it’s necessity or curiosity, give yourself permission to entertain Ideas.  Thinking outside-the-box or coloring outside-the-lines keeps creative juices flowing.  Observe. Think.  Play.

D – Dedication:  If one of your ideas grabs hold of you, trust me ~ there’s something there. Take and make the time to focus on it. One needn’t be a Madame Curie or a Walt Disney changing the world (although, you can if you want to be). Yet, if you take/make the time and dedicate that time to the Idea or Vision you have, on a consistent basis, you will amaze yourself. It will matter. Most of all to you.

E – Eagerness:  Get excited. Give yourself permission to have that childlike enthusiasm. Think back on a time when you were eager about something and jumped into it. Your eyes shined, your lips smiled (or grinned!!), your shoulders danced and maybe … even … your hips boogie-woogied. This eagerness has a ‘magical’ quality of lapping over, then spilling into the rest of your life !!

A – Awareness:  This quality is akin to  ‘Aliveness.’  A kissing-cousin of sorts. As one thinks about the Idea(s), more and more examples show up “out of the blue” that add information, offer suggestions, or simply keep the mental fires burning. Look around you. Re-examine the world (your personal world or the world-at-large) with ‘the Idea’ superimposed.  An Idea is like Light ~ it wants to shine.

S – Solutions:  Focus on what will work, rather than on what won’t.  Be solution-oriented rather than problem-focused. (Therein lies another key to eagerness). Remember, too, that there are no accidents or coincidences. Every piece of movement is loaded with data. Also, be open enough to “allow” someone else to show you a solution, to share in the Idea’s expanse, or to lead you to answers. There’s great fun and synergy in this type of connection.  And ironically, even more Ideas are birthed.

  “An idea gathers to itself everyone it needs in order to be born.”

  ~  Richard Bach