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Practice the Idea:

I – Imagination All dreams begin in Imagination. All inventions and innovations. All modifications and renovations. All change. It ALL begins with a thought that becomes a mental ‘huh, I wonder …..!’  and moves into that fertile, creative place in Mind:  Imagination.  Don’t live life without it!

D – Delight:   Charm, enchant, captivate, entrance.  Thrill.   Pleasure, happiness, joy, and glee.  Wow!!  What’s not to like?!  IF I keep re-Minding myself that these are the feelings I initially felt, even when the ‘struggle’ and scary times arise in the process, I can return to the Imagination ~ and reclaim these feelings, moving right along !

E – Eagerness:  It’s your dream. If you don’t convey the eagerness, the enthusiasm, why could anyone else? I have found, early in the formulation of The Idea, that keeping it close-to-the-vest as it were, is an important part in the incubation process. It actually allows me to recognize my own resistance, my own “what if’s…..” (see the previous pos ), and nurture the seeding of this creative process. However, once germinated, there is a necessity, almost a ‘mandate’ to energize The Idea by sharing it with trusted others. Eagerness and enthusiasm are the fuel that light the fire. They help forge the idea into more tangible forms.  Oh, and no poo-pooing or downplaying as you begin to share. {Poo-pooing.  Reminds me of Pooh and his pal Eyore.  Please don’t be an Eyore!!}  Those trusted others?  They will know someone, or have read or seen something, that will fan that fire.

A – ActuationSimply ~ to act. To put into motion. I have been the ‘Royal Highness of Ideas’ that remain in that place … great ideas … oh so many times. The actual Movement takes a different form of energy. A synergy of one’s own internal impetus and often the co-responding energies of others who support you. Keep moving!  The pace is your’s, just keep moving. May have to dodge the bolder, jump over the babbling brook, duck under the low-hanging tree branch … simply keep moving toward the creation in tangible form.  The Idea made manifest.


Feel free to share your thoughts. I love connecting with you !


Lin Church, Mssw

Coach ~ Mentor ~ Writer ~ Presenter:  JourneyWoman