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No Regrets !

One of the things I thoroughly enjoy within Coaching is that I am so often the Student, thanks to these clients/Teachers who come into my life. I hear tales of Courage, Strength, Amazement, Resilience. All re-Minders to me ~ to embrace those aspects of life that I may have initially pooh-poohed or side-stepped because I have been caught up in the negative “what if’s.” Thank you, one and all.

Projection, and usually negative expectations, are what block the way.  {Notice that if there are positive expectations folks usually go-for-it. Ah, the stymieing power of fear and the past.} Case in point:  interestingly, with regards to the “oh, well” for me, is the arena of cooking … taking “what if” as a positive piece of curiosity.  “What if I combine this spice with that veggie, add a dollop of liquid what-ever and mix in …..”  “What if I modify this recipe and substitute this-for-that?” “What if I add this herb to the fruit in the smoothie?”  “What if   …”  I just love the creativity of … creating. {Yes, that was a rather redundant statement…. however, you get the picture!}

I’m pretty darn sure that almost everyone has an area or arena where they playfully wonder … “Huh, what if…?”  and go for it. Those areas where “oh, well” isn’t the end-of-the-world or an all encompassing judgment of their value and worth.  I’ve created many a meal that turned out to be mundane or even downright Yuk, and I’m okay with it.  “Oh, well, I didn’t think rutabaga and sardines would taste so crappy!”  😁   And … I forge right ahead into the next creative culinary experiment!  Interestingly as well though, is that I sometimes do not take this je ne sais quoi into other areas of endeavor:  turning “what if’s” into fear-based quotients. Viewing “oh, well’s” as an anathema ~ pre-cursing any exploration. Sigh. I find it is downright sad really, how humanoids limit Self from living freer and fuller lives.  ‘Cuz … who knows?  Maybe the rutabaga and sardines would have been absolutely delish!

Let’s be willing to take a chance or two … even if they turn out to be “oh well’s” instead of roaring successes.  Give it a try anyway!  Bon appetit !


Feel free to share your thoughts on this post. I love having the dialogue !