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Read the above line the other day and was struck by how much resonance I felt. Not exactly sure why ~ haven’t examined it yet ~ however, I know I sensed a level of truth. I believe the deeper sense of Self knows the accuracy of the statement, and the sentiment. How does one describe the ephemeral?

 * Peacefulness.

             * Confidence.  

                       * Gratitude.  

                                * Acceptance.  

                                          * Serenity

                                                 * Fulfillment.

                                                          * Happiness.

                                                                           * Love.

There truly are not words to describe these sensations. Oh, one can make attempts ~ yet what truly happens is utilizing language using feels-like and looks-like descriptions. These similes allow the describer (and listener) to get a better grasp of the emotions, the mental and visceral sensations, being felt. {This is a centuries-old practice. More recently Franz Boas’ observed (published  1911) the Inuit and Yupik Eskimo language having over 50+ words to describe snow ~ its texture, what it does to the area, what it can be used for, how it looks when it’s falling, how it feels upon the skin.  Cool !!  No pun intended.}

When one states a dream, a goal, an intention ~ it is not about that place or thing. (“It’s not down on any map.”) It’s about the emotional response one hopes to experience when having accomplished, realized, received, arrived at that declared destination. Columbus’ desire to explore beyond ‘the edge of the earth’ definitely wasn’t on any known map. The desire, curiosity, and yes, Knowing, was the true place to which he was traveling.

So ask yourself:  is it really Sheboygan and it’s lure as The Spirit on the Lake, participation in the Johnsonville World Bratwurst Eating Championship, or geeking it out a`la Gene Roddenberry at the proposed Spaceport Sheboygan?  Or is it the emotional satisfaction of ……  fill-in-the-blank ….. when you stand in powdery sand on the shores of Lake Michigan, give a satisfying belch while holding aloft a trophy, or escaping in imagination while you stand on the future-launchpad, envisioning yourself traveling to a Moon Colony.

So here’s the challenge:  take some time to explore why you want to accomplish, realize, receive, arrive at those dreams, goals, and intentions. The understanding is the beginnings of embracing your true place.

Feel free to share your thoughts. Let’s connect ! 

Lin Church, Mssw

Coach ~ Mentor ~ Writer ~ Presenter:  JourneyWoman