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Worth is a quality, not a quantity. You can neither add to nor diminish your worth. When you act or react in Reality to become more worthy, you will always fail. Stop trying to become more worthy and start seeing your own worth.”     ~   Lazaris

Practice Worth:

W –  WalkWalk your walk. Simply walk it.  No need to run sprints to prove a point to someone else. No need to race around the track as if there’s something ahead to catch up with, or something behind to evade.  Walk. Skip, jump, hop, boogie-woggie if you feel like it. It’s not a contest. It’s your walk. Meander. Stroll.  Take it all in. It’s your’s.

O –  OriginalityI recall a story shared years ago by Leo Buscaglia. Paraphrased, it is An apple was always envying and measuring itself to it’s friend the banana. It was constantly trying to act and be like the banana. It would dye it’s hair bright yellow;  it would try and elongate it’s body to be the ‘right size.’ Heck, it even tried slapping ‘Chiquita’ stickers on as the clothing style that was in.  It tried, and tried, and tried.  One day, in sadness and frustration, the apple talked with a sage mentor. The advise was:  be an apple, love being an apple, shine as an apple, do your apple ‘thing’  ~ because otherwise you would go through the rest of life as a second-rate banana.  End of story.

R –  RespectWanting others to respect you can only take place if you respect yourself, first. You will receive what you give, and if you demean yourself, minimize your gifts, poo-poo your accomplishments, make disparaging and self-deprecating statements, then … others will follow your lead and do likewise. However, if you treat yourself with dignity, others will too. If you have and uphold healthy boundaries, others will too. If you have a ‘job’ in all of this … it is simply to teach others how to treat you, by the way you treat yourself. So ~ parrot Aretha and show yourself some “R.E.S.P.E.C.T ~ find out what it means to me” …. or rather … to you.

T –  TenacitySet the tone. Set the plan. Stay with it. It takes courage, mettle, spirit, and resolution. Do it with tenderness, thoughtfulness and self-tolerance (more “T’s”). Be the Tall Ship, sails full, streaming into the harbor of your desires. Make manifest.

H –  HumorA mentor of mine one said “Humor puts reality into perspective.”  Laugh, people.  Laugh out loud. Laugh with, not at. It is not humor, in my book, to find ‘funny’ those splats and pratfalls where others are harmed. Despite the trend of Blooper shows, one is laughing ‘at’ not with. And yes, do llighten up with regard to yourself;  stop taking yourself and any foibles sooooooo seriously!  Stop catastrophising every event that comes along. {Here I’d suggest stop overdosing watching the news and online feeds constantly. “Their” job is to focus on what’s ‘wrong;’ rarely what’s ‘right.’}  Start finding (and appreciating) the positive that is happening in the global and regional world. In your own personal world. Channel George Carlin. Bringing humor into your life eases the weight of serious events that do take place. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll find some of these events less “serious” as you laugh, chuckle, giggle or simply smile that secret smile.

Lin Church, Mssw

Coach ~ Mentor ~ Writer ~ Presenter:  JourneyWoman