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“Discipline is choosing between what you want now…  and what you want more.” – Unknown

Well, bummer !  It really is this simple.  What do I want vs what do I say I want.  The proof is in the proverbial pudding at the end of each day. Have I placed my thoughts on those ideas and affirmations of what I say I want? Did I pay attention to my feelings and purposefully move to let go of negative, shift upwards (even incrementally) into a more empowering state of mind? Did I take one teeny step of action toward what it is I say I am wanting?  If the answer is ‘Yes’ ~ then good on me!!!  If the answer is ‘well, kinda, sorta’ ~ then I need to pay more conscious attention and give it a bit more oomph-of-focus.  If the answer is ‘well, not really’ ~ then I need to get honest, stop b.s.-ing myself, assess my hesitations and avoidances, and look with authenticity at the valid (hahaha) reasons I allowed myself to avoid doing the above.

  • did I allow others’ priorities to supersede my own
  • am I buying into others’ views of ‘how it really is’
  • was I afraid of rejection
  • was I people-pleasing in the first place and don’t really wanna do/be the stated ‘want’
  • is my comfort-zone a wee bit too comfortable
  • do I not want to face the change(s) I know I need to make
  • do I deep-down think I don’t have the ability to succeed at ____
  • am I tired of the ‘struggle’
  • did the dog eat my homework

Each of the above has a solution. Actually, a variety of solutions. Do you have the desire to find the answers? Do you want to? Therein lies the truer question.

‘They’ say “sh*t happens.”   Shift happens too !   Your choice … and commitment.  I hope you decide to explore the answers. I hope you want to be willing to create a shift for yourself. You matter in this great scheme of Life. Embrace the discipline to explore and discover.  You’re not alone.