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“Humility is the ability and willingness to see each day as new. Forgive your failures. Respect your success. Take neither for granted.” ~  Lazaris

For decades I thought ‘humility’ was the sackcloth-and-ashes definition I learned as a kid through house of worship teachings. Then, through 12-step teachings, humility tended, for me, to have a somewhat-same connotation albeit with the focus on creating ‘reality checks’ targeted at arrogance. While bemused by the first teachings, and grateful for the lessons learned in the second, I SO celebrated this quote when I first read it.  It represented balance, honesty, willingness, awareness, and gratitude.  

To ‘pooh-pooh’ one’s successes isn’t humility ~ it’s codependent, ingratiating, expressing false modesty, and people-pleasing. It is smallness. (Just like over-emphasizing one’s failures.) It is the antithesis of actual humility (ie: honesty, balance, etc.). It also mirrors arrogance because the underlying intent (consciously or not) is to have others protest “No, no. Really!!  You did a great job….. ”   {Bleck !  Honestly?!!  Is ego so fragile that one needs this form of confirmation?}  When someone hands a genuine compliment, in truth the only response need be: ‘thank you.’
Just as I can and do acknowledge my failures ~ those not-quite-up-to-par thoughts and actions, it is equally important that I recognize and celebrate my successes. (Humility; balance.)  When I acknowledge the successes too, I am thanking myself. (Novel idea!!). I am not taking ‘it’ for granted, thus expressing gratitude for the work, effort, persistence I put forward into the success.  Good on me !  Gratitude for the gift(s) I have within, be they mental, emotional, or physical skills, and sharing those gifts with others.

Humility.  Seeing each day as new.  Not dragging around the sackcloth-and-ashes of yesterday’s failures nor preening in yesterday’s successes.  Thoughtfulness is learning where the ‘oops’ were, and moving on. Equal thoughtfulness in celebrating what went well and carrying those lessons forward.   Self-forgiveness, self-respect, celebration. Gratitude.  This is humility.
What do you want to change? What do you wish to celebrate? It all works, if you work it.
Again:  Forgiveness. Respect. Gratitude. Each day.   Namaste’  Lin