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“If you want crappy things to stop happening to you, 
then stop accepting crap and demand something more.”
~  Shonda Rhimes.

Practice Something MORE:

M – Meaningful Motivation.  What makes motivation meaningful is the commitment to stop – think – review the crappy-things-that-keep-happening, and recognize self’s part in all of these transactions (besides being the recipient, that is). No beating self up, or even beating a dead horse, as the saying goes. Simply looking. Acknowledging the existence thereof, and deciding that Self does not need to dwell in the Land of Misery to…. prove a point? ….to whom?  Play a role … again to or with whom?  Wear some ‘cloak’ that was draped (or you draped) around the shoulders to present an image … of what? Enough already!! If’n one wishes to step out of the crappy, one needs to recognize where the cow patties are. And MOVE.

O – Objectively and Openly Optimizing Opportunity.  That’s a mouthful (and an alliteration to boot!)  Here’s where one scrapes the crappy off those boots (or tenners,  sandals … or ballet slippers) and steps into Something Different. Objectively: by choice; with meaningful motivation. Openly: with head up and looking Life straight in the eyes. Saying  ‘No’ to bullying and catastrophizing and cruelty (other words for crappy). Optimizingly:  Saying ‘Yes’ to what is wanted, discovering and knowing what direction to Move toward. Opportunity: Seizing It each time it presents itself in accordance with what is meaningfully wanted. By you.

R – Reinvent.  That’s where the ‘something more‘ takes wing. Becoming incrementally (which is often a softer, gentler way) the More. Living a fuller Life of contentment, more joy, and a lighter-ness of Being. Steadfastly refusing to be a someone who you no (and Know) longer are wishing to be. Being honest, and discovering the appreciation that flows from those who appreciate that honesty. Releasing those who feel otherwise. Take new stock and give credit where it is deserved:  to you, your motivation, and your courage.   

E -Enjoy.  That big sigh of contentment and grin of appreciation. Now … that’s Something More!