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“The need for change bulldozed a road 
down the center of my mind.”
~ Maya Angelou.  

Wow!  What powerful imagery those words evoke. And what truth lies within them, as anyone can attest who has resisted the little whispers about ‘Hmmmm…. this isn’t working. This needs to change.‘ .

Amazing thing about those little whispers …. they often become louder … and louder, …and LOUDER still. Soon they are accompanied by a physical nudge (just to get my attention), then a shoulder-bump …. a push …. a shove ….a topple over.

When I look back, I marvel at my exclamations of “Oh my gosh! I ‘should’ have done this weeks (months…years ??) ago! {Surprise.}  “What a difference it makes in my life.” {Pleasure.}  “I don’t know why I waited so long.” {Regret.}  “If only I had done thus-and-so earlier!” {Lament.}

Fact of the matter is, the signs, the indicators, the messages were there. I simply wasn’t tuning in … or I simply didn’t want to, for a variety of reasons.  (You know what I’m saying!  You have your excuses ad nauseum too !!) Justifying. Rationalizing. Excusing. Blaming. What ever label you put on it ~ it all boils down to not looking at, and stepping into the change when it whispered.

The longer I resist, ignore, avoid and evade, the more dramatic the attention-getting-mechanism becomes. A continuation of negative outcomes? Another job search? Continued bullying by others? A physical diagnosis? Losses, losses, losses. More anxiety, more stress, more financial problems, more disharmony with loved ones.  (Huh ~ ‘more’ is about abundance. This ‘ain’t the kind of ‘abundance’ I want !)

However, yippee, when I do listen, when I do acknowledge, when I do take some action (even if it is ‘simply’ changing my thoughts about fill-in-the-blank) a different world opens up. The results can often be astounding.

When one is sick-and-tired of being sick-and-tired, then change stands ready to happen.  A trowel. A rake. A shovel. Pick up on the message, and choose the tool.

I don’t need to wait for a bulldozer.