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 “Forgiveness does not erase the past, 
it gives us back the future.”
  ~  Michael Nagler.  
(quoted in documentary Scared Sacred.)  

It’s tough explaining to someone the power of forgiveness. 

Rather like trying to see air.

One can feel air blow across the skin, observe the results of air’s movement, and hear it’s power or the the sound of things it is blowing against.  One can even taste the air ~ the ozone being carried on it, and inhale the fragrance of freshly mown grass that wafts in a breeze.

Yes actually see ‘air?’ Not.

It is simply known to exist, and the power of it being there is taken on faith.
Same thing with forgiveness. 

Can’t be seen as a tangible ~ yet one can sense the release in the Mind. Hear the difference when one speaks of having let go ~ a type of kinder, gentler tone. Feel the release of tension in the body’s chest and shoulders; the muscles. Even the ‘taste’ of forgiveness sits sweeter on the tongue. 

The act of forgiveness is a tenant of many healing teachings whether they be biblical, therapeutic, or 12-step.  There is purpose.  There is ‘rhyme and reason.’ These end results, by those who have done so, is known. The encouragement to others’ is to take this step on faith.

When I stand in the act of forgiveness ~ it’s never really about “them” ~ it’s always about me.  I release myself from carrying the burden – the weight in both mind, spirit and body. I free me.

Instead of looking back ~ I have the freedom to gaze forward. Toward the future.   

What a breath of fresh air.