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L ~  Levity One of the more valuable things, in my perspective of course, is to recognize that Life isn’t all strum und drang. Storm and stress. I keep affirming to and for myself to Lighten Up. Lin!  Truly, just about any situation can be eased with a mental countenance that allows for a lightening of judgment and viewpoint. Interestingly, I found 22 words and synonyms for levity. How delightful ! (See … levity !!) To be in Life is to appreciate the beauty, the irony, and the variety that occurs daily. Hourly. Spend a moment looking for:  the humor, amusement, comedy, frivolity, liveliness that occurs. [That’s 5 of ’em.]  Express laughter, cheeriness, wit, and merriment [4], instead of those burdensome heavy habitual moans-and-groans. The aftereffects of Lightening Up and allowing Levity in more and more is finding oneself with new (or renewed) lightheartedness, vivacity, cheerfulness, and, eventually, high spirits as Life is embraced, not shunned.  Revered, not feared.

I ~ Inquisitiveness Did you give any thought to what the other 9 definitions or synonyms of ‘levity’ were?  That’s inquisitiveness!  Good for you !!  Remember, one is a part of Life, not just simply living a life. The whole world is awaiting discovery. Every time there is a “hmmm…. I wonder …..” that takes place, give in to it. Check that ‘hmmm‘ out. Ask a question. Do a little research. Gain some more knowledge. Allow curiosity to lead the way into discovering some (or alot !!) of what attracts the attention. Allow yourself to be … 3 … or 5 …  or 9 again. Why is the sky blue? What’s inside an ant hill?  Just who decided that bell-bottoms were back in fashion? (Insert ‘Levity’ here!)  There’s this magnificent brain that is meant to learn and know. Allow !! Fill that space. (And wonderfully, the more I know and understand, the less need I have to be leery of Life. This reduces anxieties in those brain spaces, leaving room for more ease. A Life paradox !!)

F ~ Fascination:   Fascination is taking inquisitiveness and running with it. More than just a peaked interest, it is finding oneself drawn irresistibly to discovering more about a certain subject(s). Being enthralled, entranced, and riveted by the subject. Captivated as it were. Here’s an important ~ yet ~ the fun part:  be fascinated by what fascinates you, not things others think or want you to be fascinated by. Not interested in accounting, yet are mesmerized by gardening? Go for it.  Not cut out for being a 3rd generation stevedore, yet cabinetry races your motor?  Motor on. Follow your fascination. Become engrossed in learning about it, enchanted by what you learn, and both mesmerized and absorbed in taking these learnings into your living, non-stagnant, Life !

E ~ EnthusiasmHave you noticed that folks who are enthusiastic about Life literally vibrate with it? There’s a zest for living; they share their fascination in works filled with gusto and passion. The ones I gravitate to and admire have an eagerness and enjoyment in sharing the joy of Life and of living. It’s so much more fun to be involved in an activity with someone, or several someones, who are delighted to Be in that activity. They are role-models for Life. Become one. Give the gift of the passion you have: the knowledge, the eagerness, and the Spirit.  You’ve found it ~ now share it.  And so it is.

Lin Church, Mssw

Coach ~ Mentor ~ Writer ~ Presenter:  JourneyWoman