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This week’s quote goes hand-in-hand with the month’s Focus. A recognition that, while there are curmudgeons who do succeed, the ones that stand out are the ones that have passion (which certainly includes their definition of ‘fun’) for what they are doing ~ and succeeding with.  So often, one equates ‘success’ as monetary abundance. Oh contraire mon amie !  Financial solidity is great ~ no doubt!  However, the deeper definitions of ‘success’ (and ‘wealth’) have more to do with feelings of: satisfaction, joy, playfulness, self-appreciation and -confidence, connecting with others (including any living species on this planet) {huh ~ or elsewhere !!!  HoHO!}.

Carnegie and his teachings are synonymous with ‘business’ success.  He recognized, as well, that the personal well-being of the individual involved in these teachings were indicative of their ability to succeed. Just as in 12-step where “we practice these principles in all our affairs,”  Carnegie promoted a full-life understanding. Not just the confines of the business world.  So I encourage you to ask yourself … what are you successful at?  Caring for a pet?  Creating the best grilled halibut ev-er? Washing the car? Donating time to a cause? Doing laundry? Hoeing the garden?  Nothing is mundane if one is enjoying it. And …. if one is enjoying it …. then there is success in that endeavor.

Look at all your relationships (including the garden, the pet, the laundry.) Is there an element {or more} of enjoyment and fun?  If not ~ what can you do to change that? What do you say to discovering your pathway to more success ~ in whatever realm?  Fun definitely included.  Namaste’  Lin

Lin Church, Mssw

Coach ~ Mentor ~ Writer ~ Presenter:  JourneyWoman