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Foundations. Solid bases. Strong, reliable, trustworthy, the core element that all else is built upon. Without that solid foundation, what’s above can slip, slide, buckle up, buckle out, crack, cave in … well, you get the picture. Doesn’t really matter how ‘pretty’ it looks on the outside … great river stones for the walls, lovely colorful tin roofing, balconies jutting out to catch the glorious views, wrap-around porches, skylights or solar panels…… none of it will last, or weather the events, if the foundation is not solid.

How many times in my life have I put a pretty covering over the top of myself in order to be ‘presentable’ or ‘approved of’ by others?  Oh ~ countless times.  For the most part, easily the first half of my life !  I was sooooooooo much ‘varnish’ !!  Relationships with people, causes, politics, profession, … family, social events, mates and ‘kids’, …. they all were, on some un-deep level living with and interacting with the varnish.  {Great amends have been made !}  Until I learned, until I was given permission by others who had done their own work and encouraged me in mine, until I found the knowledge that I needed to be my own foundation for all the rest to ‘work’ I was simply … varnish.

What a delightful experience to discover one’s own foundation. To be the ‘wood,’ on which a more authentic life is built. “To thine own self be true.”   Being truthful, honest, authentically in touch and in tune with one’s own beliefs. Following through. Walking the walk. Then ~ no matter the emotional winds that blow, rainstorms that deluge, blizzards that blind ~ even then ~ the foundation is strong. It will weather it all. So give it some thought. Are you just varnish or are you the wood?  (Huh ~ what kind of wood??  Nobody says that this discovery can’t also be playful !!)

Grab your flashlight and let’s check out that foundation. Be willing to stand firm in what you truly believe and who you truly are. Namaste’    Lin

Lin Church, Mssw

Coach ~ Mentor ~ Writer ~ Presenter:  JourneyWoman