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Concern Vs. Worry

“A much wiser and older person gave me some awesome advice recently.  They said, ‘A person should only be CONCERNED with the problems that they are willing to do something about.  The rest are actually just worries… and worries…  they are all crap, or at least simply the concerns of someone else.’ ”     ~  Darren Christianson

Wow. The difference a word makes.  Shifting the mental definition of ‘worry’ to ‘concerned’ does amazing things to the body and to the mind (literally!!). All the negatives [physically and mentally] notch down several levels, thinking becomes clearer, and so do solutions for that / those items one may be concerned about  and  are willing to do something about.  If I’m not willing to do something about it, then why am I concerned about it?  OPO’s? Why am I carrying it around? It takes great inner wisdom to succinctly acknowledge ‘I don’t want to do anything about this right now.’  Again, wow. Self-permission to let it go!  Which leads into what I enjoyed most about Darren’s wiser elder;  the fact that most likely, the ‘concerns’ I’m focusing on are really the concerns of someone else. Which means … woohoo … I can stop being Coda and let it go !!  {That includes the OPS’s views about what I ‘should do’ or shouldn’t. Huge stuff!!}  Also, for others’ concerns that are truly theirs – not mine, I can show respect, and trust someone else to handle their own concerns, or not handle them. Either way, the choice is theirs, not mine. I can offer (for fun and for free) emotional support as is healthy. From me. To them. How empowering for one and all.

Grab your concern, let’s get it out into the light, and find potential solution-pathways.  Namaste’    Lin

Lin Church, Mssw

Coach ~ Mentor ~ Writer ~ Presenter:  JourneyWoman