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Practice Worth:

W  = Walk Within:  Take a moment each day to look around your inner world. It is an amazing experience. Discover the Wonder of you: all you have accomplished (remembering, seriously, that you learned to roll over, scoot, crawl, walk, skip, hop, run), then continue. Make a list ~ add something new to it every day. Be amazed. ‘High side’ realizations only. You are a Miracle ~ and you carry it all inside. So take a peek.
O  = Originality:  Acknowledge what it is that YOU enjoy. Fads, fashions, shouldings:  none of those things matter at the core of it. Discover (or re-discover) what speaks to your Mind, your Spirit, your body, even your sense of humor. Joseph Campbell encouraged everyone to “follow your bliss.”  Easier said than done ~ especially if you’re unaware of what your bliss is.  Find it, embrace it, be it.  Be the only You you are meant to be.
R =Release:  Acknowledge what “stands in the way” of your authenticity. You’ve tried running from, ignoring, medicating, and avoiding ‘it’, so imagine how wonderful you will feel (yes, you will !!) when you clear out the barriers. Start somewhere ~ anywhere ~ for no starting spot will be wrong. You are intertwined with your life, all the pieces and parts. Review, take responsibility only for your side of the street, write out your amends (to yourself first), then release ~ item by item by item. Be real again.
T = Trust:  You truly DO Know what you know. Trust in yourself and your abilities. Trust your instincts. Trust that you really are “good enough.”  While few of us are Einsteins or Picassos, Wrights or Gehrys, Hemingways or vonBrauns, ALL of us are gifted with something uniquely “us” ~ so speak to the courage of creating, and celebrating, the Being that you are. You don’t need OPOs ~ for their opinions are from their perspectives. Trust that you’ll find your way, not theirs. If you wish to hone a skill,or increase knowledge, then do it; simply do it from a place of adding-to the knowledge you already have. Trust yourself.   
H =Humanness:  Cut yourself, and everybody else, some slack. Stop using the phrase “I’m only human” as an excuse or an apology. {Really ??!  What’s that all about?}  Celebrate your Being. Enjoy the ride. There is no other You in all of creation ~ and if that doesn’t denote Worth, I don’t know what does.  Don’t wish it away, or demean it, or minimize the humanness of …. well, …. your humanness. If sainthood, or martyrdom, or being-liked is a goal ~ get over your small self; those are worth-less aspirations. Be you ~ warts and all. Being the fullest or best-est version of yourself is honest, inspiring, and often filled with joy.  Go for it !
~ Lin Church, Mssw / Coach, Mentor, Writer, Presenter:  JourneyWoman