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Practice Energy:

E  = Excitement:  More than just recognizing it and feeling it:  Allow it. If it’s been a long time since you’ve truly felt excitement, tap back into the rememberings of kid-excitement. No matter who you are, or how it ‘turned out’ or whomever tried to poo-poo it, you KNOW what that felt like:  anticipatory and giddy, rumblings in the tummy, grin on your lips, eyes open and wide. Be it a ball game, an ice cream cone, “school’s out,” the circus come to town, a puppy being born. Expecting the ‘great’ to appear; taking it all in.  Even with the ‘problem’ with adulthood of those ridiculous messages that insist that fun, inviting, exciting emotions need to be tamped down. Nah!  Go ahead and feel the excitement. Pour it into the vessel of you. Let it permeate your being. Allow the joy and wonder of it to lead the way [as it is and has been trying to do]. Go with it ~ you may be amazed and delighted where it takes you.

N  = New:  S-t-r-e-t-c-h yourself. Try something new. If that feels too scary, then add a bit of new to something you already know or do. It may ease the way, build up a sense of confidence, and be the impetus to new-new.  Yea you ! 

E = Ease:  Be at ease with yourself. You’re ‘good enough’ and that’s the bottom line. The rest flows outward in delicious streams from that place of center. You can even ‘ease’ into being at ease.

R  = Release:  Again, as stated last month, acknowledge what “stands in the way” of your authenticity. You’ve tried running from, ignoring, medicating, and avoiding ‘it’, so imagine how wonderful you will feel (yes, you will !!) when you clear out the barriers. Start somewhere ~ anywhere ~ for no starting spot will be wrong. You are intertwined with your life, all the pieces and parts. Review, take responsibility only for your side of the street, write out your amends (to yourself first), then release ~ item by item by item. Be real again. Let your energy flow.

G = Gratitude:  Ah – the energy of gratitude. The lovely thing about energy is that it begets more energy, just like movement brings about more movement, joy more joy, awareness more awareness. There is no ‘size’ to gratitude. No ‘big’ thankfulnesses or ‘small.’  One size fits all.  (If you find yourself muttering under your breath ‘what have I got to be grateful for’ ~ therein lies an answer.)  Be grateful for having a voice that mutters, breath in your body, and a mind that asked the question.  Start there ~ it gets easier as you go !

Y  = YOU:  The primary circuit in this equation. You.  Your thoughts, your dreams, your wonderings;   your movements, calling, contribution. There t’ain’t no other ‘you’ out there. Being authentically ‘you’ may just be the charge you need. Not to mention the fact that your You, especially your energized you, is exactly what some other wandering soul (maybe even unknown to you) needs to see, hear, learn from. Wow !  Being You. An honest gift ~ especially to yourself.


~ Lin Church, Mssw – Coach, Mentor, Writer, Presenter:  JourneyWoman