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Thanks…for being you !

I’m sitting here in Maryland at present watching one of my sisters stepping into a planned role with a dear friend who is in the process of transitioning ~ much soon than expected. Their friendship is one of a type of ‘sisterhood,’ and although they both have known that the time was approaching ‘down the road,’ neither conceived it would progress at such a sudden pace as it apparently has.  To know the words of ‘thanks’ and gratitude that have passed between the two of them is a thing of joy. To be able to express care and consideration for another in both physical, emotional and verbal ways is  ~ truthfully ~ exhausting and enchanting. It feeds the spirit for those two, and sets a out-picturing of life for those who happen to be around them.

So often, folks ‘shuffle off this mortal coil’ with things left unsaid ~ on both sides of the street. Embrace the opportunity, daily, to speak your truth.  As I have advocated:  Say what you mean, mean what you say, and don’t say it mean.  Stay high side in what you want or need to say, even when expressing some low side emotions and content. You’ll be glad you did, after the fact.

How are you BEing ‘More’ ??  How are you sharing it with others?  I hope you show ’em and tell ’em, … and …  thank them for any gifts you’ve received.

Thank YOU for making a difference in mine.

Namaste’  Lin