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Strongest Thought

“We evolve into the strongest thought we have about ourselves.”

  ~  Beverly M. Collins.

Looking in the mirror and seeing what you see….. do you make eye contact? Do you smile at you? Or do you instead focus immediately on what-ain’t-right –  noticing every blemish, line, zit, freckle?  Huh. (Even if you ever have one of those occasional moments, as I have, when stepping out of the shower and seeing self in the mirror, suddenly exclaim “How the heck did That happen??   Hahaha!  That’s Not what I am talking about here.

The strongest, spontaneous thought about who you see. 

What do you think about you? Really think. Descriptor words. Nouns. Adjectives. Verbs. Are they fun and kind, or, are they attack?   

Evolution or Revolution.  One coincides with the passage of time absorbing new, becoming even stronger than it’s previous self.  The other disrupts this same passage, making it hard and rough, and often cruel. (Yes, there have been peaceful revolutions [Germany, the Philippines, Nepal] yet those are exceptions in the history of time and peoples at the macrocosm. And here, I’m referring to the microcosm.You) 

Evolving into the wonderful things you like, admire and appreciate about the ‘who’ you are today ~ the one you’ve grown into through transformations, choices, willingness, letting-go-of-what-doesn’t-lovingly-sustain, committing to what has truth and integrity for you and your life story? 

Revolting against the passages of time, the it-ain’t-rights, fashion that don’t fit, the non-fulfillment of others’ expectations which you (for some reason… long ago forgotten), set up for yourself (thus setting yourself up). Thus ~ being ‘old,’ wrong, a physical wreck, dumb, stupid, a failure?  Huh.

What IS the strongest thought you hold about yourself?  One thought. 

How about One Word that you use to describe you. (Would others be surprised? Appalled? Agree wholeheartedly?)

The power of the strongest thought.   Hmmmm.   Time will tell.  Think lovingly.

Namaste’.    Lin