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“Trust in your own self more than in all else.”

~  Ernest Holmes. 

Quite a number of years ago I was in the process of making another major decision regarding the road I wished my professional journey to take. It entailed ‘stepping away from’ the traditional path I had been traveling and taking that road-less-traveled toward a seen-yet-untraveled-path that I discovered that looked to be about more:  more joyful; more self- and other-enhancing; more positively focused (again, for self and for others); more in line with the expanded teachings I had embraced. 

I dithered. I listed the pro’s and con’s. I second-guessed. I hemmed-and-hawed. I dithered some more. I debated. I re-listed the pro’s and con’s. {Pssst…. I love lists!} I knew I was now in the act of procrastinating ~ yet …… deeper truth was that I didn’t trust myself.

“As soon as you trust yourself, you will know how to live.”

   ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

So I asked for a ‘sign.’  I do believe that there are signs and messages all around to answer questions that one ‘puts out there’ ~ if one is simply willing to shut-down the mental committee chatter (in here) and instead listen (out there). An overheard comment, the lyrics in a song, a line spoken in a show. And to also look ~ a billboard, a quote, an actual sign-sign. 

So ….. picture this ~ Sicily ……:  I had mentioned the conundrum I was dealing with a number of years ago. Well, I was driving to work on a crystal clear Saturday ~ about 7:15 in the morning. Very strangely, there was no traffic behind me or ahead. Simply clear interstate weaving through the curves of I-40-West. (I would often take the drive with an ’empty’ mind ~ looking at the scenery ~ enjoying the trees and the hills ~ crossing the Harpeth ~ simply Being in the car and seeing what was around me. Maybe humming to a tune on the radio.)

Sometimes I would ask a question I had been looking for answers to. I had done that this particular morning  And ~ on this empty stretch of highway, just as I was coming upon the Kingston Springs on-ramp, a single vehicle – a white panel van – was making it’s way on to the interstate. Nothing remarkable about it. Looked like a dozen other panel work vans – kinda dusty and dirty and maybe in need of a good rain or a good wash.  

I had pulled over into the left lane to give the van room to merge onto the right. It did. It was traveling about 30-feet in front of me now. And …. on the rear right-hand door was a word written in the dusty window. All upper case. The word was TRUST


Simply that one word. I stared and stared ~ felt the theme of Twilight Zone in my head and along my skin … and then began to laugh. I got it!  The answer to the question I had asked. So sweet. So simple. So succinct. And … it clicked. The one thing I had not been embracing: trusting myself. Thankya !

“Trust yourself.  You know more than you think you do.”

  ~  Benjamin Spock. 

Some folks call it ‘coincidence.’  I called it an ”answer.’  {Sometimes THE answer.}  Still do.  I tend to know when I hear or see it. I get that deep resonance of truth inside. Usually a match to the truth I already knew ~ yet simply hadn’t wanted to acknowledge. 

“Trust yourself and the divine in you.”

  ~  Lisa Nichols. 

Occasionally it is a ‘new’ truth that clarifies a link-to-that-truth I carried inside. When I take a moment (or longer) with it ~ I realize, time and time again, that I already Knew the answer. Felt the answer. {Hence the deep resonance.} I simply wasn’t ready to take the mental and physical ‘leap.’ into the answer. The choice to do or not do was truly no longer a question ~ in it lied an answer. Now …. it was simply about Trusting the answer ~ the one I already knew. (You know the feeling ~ whether you have defined it or not. You know it when you hear / feel it. No committee chatter necessary.)

“Trust the vibes you get. Energy doesn’t lie.”

  ~  Unknown Author.  

Trust. A powerful and empowering tool. Trust yourself.