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Be IN it !

“When you pick something big that you want to do, make sure you fit inside of it. Because you can’t sustain making a world that doesn’t have you in it.”

~ Author unknown ~ Quote via Brian Andreas @ Flying

This caught my eye, and my attention for contemplation. It brought home the reality of the past number of times I had given voice (and thought) to ‘something out there’ that I wanted to do / be / have. Not sure if I was intrigued by the scene or the substance. Not sure if I felt a real pull toward or simply a curiosity about.  Not sure if I was mirroring the excitement of another’s interest or feeling my ownNot sure. And …. therein lies an answer about whether to move forward. If I am not sure, then don’t. Yet..

I have spent a great number of years {decades actually!} planning with and encouraging others to move toward (and into) a life they are saying they want. We’ve all been-there-done-that ~ saying change is desired, yet becoming overwhelmed with the amount of work to get there;  saying change is desired, yet not willing at this time to let go of personal choices that impede the process. 

I am Knowing, more and more, that if I do not see, feel, smell, touch, revel  IN THE WANT, in the IT, then there is truly no way for me to bring it to pass.  For if I am unable to be in “it,” then I am participating in wishful thinking. Nothing wrong with that ~ it’s a great place to grow Ideas ~ yet it is important to recognize that ‘that’ is simply what it is.

Take the Idea and create the ‘film’ or movie as it were. See You within it. How does it physically feel? What does it smell or taste or sound like? Hold it in your hand ~ or walk around the acreage. Big or small. Small or big. Be in ….. and I mean IN …. the film in the Mind. I am presently in the process of doing exactly this as I look for a dwelling for myself now that I am back in the Nashville area. “So, how’s that going,” you may ask. “Well, it’s going ‘interestingly’ “ I reply.  [One day I will share what the word ‘interesting’ means for me. Ha!]

I have to bring myself back from distractions, and every-day routines.. I re-Mind myself to stay focused on what I am wanting. I am drifting from Purpose because I choose to live in a world that encompasses others (and their thought and ideas, their input of what they would want or they may think I need. It’s loving and supportive, yet … it’s their thoughts and ideas. Not necessarily mine.)   I also have to stop myself from watching-the-film, and mindfully be IN the film. Huh. Sounds confusing as I write this, yet I do know what I mean.   

Have you also noticed in the above quote the word ‘Big.’  I believe there is often dismissal with the desire and want of ‘Small’ (or what Others may perceive as small..)   I believe it is just as important to be “in” the something-Small as it is the Big. (I also figure that most folks feel more capable of achieving the Small than the Big ~ forgetting that it’s all baby-steps!)  Yet even the Small Want is elusive if one cannot see themselves with it and “in” it.  This is the important distinction, at least it is for me. For when the Small does not come to pass, there tends to be disappointment and an emotional let-down, followed by the “Well, I couldn’t even get / be/ do that; what makes me think I could be part of/have something Big.

See yourself within it. Know that you have to make room for you in it. It’s your Small or Big ~ not someone else’s. Sure, you can invite them over to share ~ if you wish. You can invite them in ~ if you wish. Yet the You of you must be inside of it. Part of it. Just like the Me of me walks through the rooms of the new abode, looks out the window at the large trees, hears the early morning birdsong, cooks a meal and smells the fragrances …..  The Me of me. (I’ll let you know what I find!)

Big or small.  Make room for you within It.