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Seeking Love

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself you have built against it.”

~  Rumi.

With this current holiday season peeking around the corner, I found this Rumi quote was a lovely, albeit pointed, re-Minder of Love and Gratitude and Joy needing to be an Inside Job in order to spill over and outward ~ to give to receive.

When I sent the schedule-for-available-times-appts out this week, what I wrote spoke in such a manner that it led me to this quote. It has also led me to repeat that message in this week’s post.  Here goes:

  • “Holiday week ahead.  For some ~ great joy. For some ~  borderline dread. For some ~ could fall anywhere along the spectrum.  Wherever you fall on that spectrum ~ remember that it is all about the past.
  • Try something new:  more joy. Or… less dread. Remember to remember that you are taking YOU into the day. How do You want to feel and be?  Envision high side and gratitude. Give thanks for the positive as you yawn, stretch, and move through your morning.  Be acutely aware of each moment of lightness and appreciation you see around you:  (I could make a list here…yet it would be things that bring me into an appreciation of joy …or simple contentment. You’d be better served to make your own list. 🤗)
  • If someone who matters to you is not around, remember the good stuff. Leave the other for another day. If they are around, tell ’em what they mean to you. Find ONE good thing about each and every person you are around. Don’t forget your Self either!
  • Oh, and don’t “save” this for just the holiday-day.  How about doing this every day this week.  You might enjoy it enough that you carry it into next week.  And next…..
  • Give a call. Let’s celebrate the good and re-envision the desire.
  • I am grateful for you being in (or having been in) my life. You have added icing to my cake. Thank you!”

And if you are reading this post, I am grateful for you, too, for being in (or having been in) my life. You are adding a layer of gooey filling to that same life-cake. Thank you immeasurably!