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“Our heads are round so that thoughts can change direction.”

  ~  Francis Picabia, (1879-1953) painter, writer, typographist

Love this one!!!  Laughed out loud.

Have such a playful image of Charlie Brown going on in my own head. Then, Lin being Lin, began thinking of different shapes that could denote different mind-sets:

The stuck-in-shoulds head, the one who immediately disclaims “that won’t work,”  “that’s just wrong.,” That one is a square-block head. Block-head……hahahaha. Heard That phrase before! Usually used when a square-head is telling someone else they’re wrong….”don’t be a block head.”  Pot….kettle??  Or more….mirror mirror.

The indecisive “gee, I don’t know what to say,”  “I’m not sure,”  “what do you think?”.  Hmmmm….how about the infinity sign:   pick a side, any side.

The codependent “i’m fine,”  “it’s just fine,”  no, really, it’s okay.” I’m seeing a pear-shaped face here….the wide permanent smile weighing down the bottom half, stuck in place….to appease anyone who happens to glance their way.

What does long and narrow say?  Short and wide? Rectangles both. 

Hexagonal??? That’s a stumper.

The ‘perfect oval’ championed by models and marketers in days-gone-by. No rough edges here? No wave-makers or boat-rockers for sure. 

Oh, this little excursion is all so fun and funny! (Yet, gotta admit, I’m hesitating going up to a mirror and looking at the shape of my own head and face. Hahahaha!)

Interesting piece of science though; there have been quite a few studies around the subconscious (and sometimes unconscious) act of first-impressions. In fact, according to that research, it takes a mere seven seconds to make a first impression for either party. First is sight…facial shapes. Next is ‘vocal inflection,’ how someone sounds. Interesting! 

Well, I can’t change the shape of my head, at least without great pain….and I ain’t into pain. Yet, I can sure change the expressions I traditionally and habitually carry around on that head / face.  How about you?

Where are You headed?