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Ring The Bell !

“Hear the mellow ….golden bells! What a world of happiness their harmony foretells! …. To the swinging and the ringing Of the bells, bells, bells…”

~  Edgar Allen Poe, poet / author,  (1809-1849).

I’ve got a bone to pick (and it’s not a leftover turkey piece). It is a simple holiday (and every day actually for that matter) request for every delivery person, be it UPS, FedEx, pizza delivery, USPS, florist, DHL, Amazon. or door dash outfit ‘out there’  to do one thing. Only one.  

Ring the doorbell!

Imagine, if you will, such a Simple Act. An act of courtesy. A Singular movement of extended fingerpoint coming into contact with the doorbell. That’s it. Then boogie on away to make haste elsewhere.

Not everyone has phone apps that track the curvature of the moon, or when the pizza dudette is 6.7 miles away from a scrumpdely-icious food fest, or ….fill in the blank. Not everyone has door cams to see who may be lurking.  Not everyone wants them.

Yet everyone does wish to be treated with a modicum of courtesy. Respect. Of service. It’s not the vendor who sold what-ever, or the delivery/courier service that brings it to the desired address, it’s the customer ~ consumer ~ purchaser who actually deserves a ‘thanks for shopping here’ AND the arrival of said purchase in good condition.

That means not tossed on the front stoop, in the rain, to sit and sog for heaven-knows how long.  This bone-to-pick has happened several times this past year, and as recent as 5 days ago. Again.

And….I was home to hear the doorbell, if it had happened to be rung. 

And….the retrieval of said package(s) would have been made within…..oh…..75 nanoseconds.  If the bell had been rung.

So reach out. Ring the bell. It’s the sound of Courtesy. Customer service. Kindness. Even Gratitude.

Novel ideas.