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“Within yourself is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.”

~  Hermann Hesse, German/Swiss author, poet.  (1877- 1962).  

Amidst the bustle of this time of year, full of expectations ~ graduations ~ new or changing jobscapes ~ vacation planning ~ spring cleaning ~ simply being able to be outside without layers upon layers of clothing (much to my chagrin! Ha!) ~ there is, often, so Much ‘busy’ that a breather is wanted, or more importantly, needed.

Pause. Make the time. Take the time. Three minutes. Ten. Half-an-hour. Breathe.  Balance. You will ultimately be glad you did.

(Encourage loved ones to do the same.)

Then …. Revel ~ Renewed. All those graduations, changing jobs, decluttering, spring cleaning, garden tilling, vacation planning ~ take on a joy and anticipation, and feel as light as those summer clothes.  Guaranteed.

Find the sanctuary you hold within.  Often.

Breathe.   Balance.   Revel.   Renew. 


And so it is.