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“Gee willikers:  an expression of enthusiasm and delight….”

     ~  Origin c 1857. (

Since his birth, I have a ‘mental’ heart-felt, playful name for ‘my’ grandson. When I first saw him through the newborn nursery window, he looked so little; a miniature (especially compared to my 5’2″ – ha). He also looked so at peace. Untroubled. The satisfied relaxed and at-peace after a journey well done. 

His name is Gregory.  I remember thinking ~ such a powerful and big name ~ such a tiny looking soul. I mentally played around with words and names (as I am wont to do : ),  ‘G’-ing this and ‘G’-ing that. (Please do not misunderstand ~ he has a Great name! One in which he has grown into with strength and panache these past 21 years.) Yet, at that moment, seeing him resting in the hospital nursery ‘bassinet’ he seemed so small.  

Still pondering, I exhaled the letter “G” on a sigh …. and there it was. The sound in a gentle exhale. “Ghee.” Simply…Ghee.  Gee I’m glad you are born. Gee you’re amazing. Gee I’m so lucky to have you in my life. Ghee. To this day, he’s still Ghee to me. I am still glad, amazed, and lucky.   

I know 3 people who graduated from UT Knox this past weekend: one each Fri, Sat & Sun. Thrilled for all of ’em, and especially Ghee. He has had an amazing journey so far. This now-young-man had an idea of what he enjoyed by the time he got to middle school, honed his interests into early high school, found his passion and direction by the time he (another early) graduated from high school ….and has not looked back. 

With his North Star in place, Ghee left home for Knoxville and completed his Bach degree in 3 1/2 years;  graduated this past Fri, packed up his shared apt Sat, hit the road Sun, and begins his first professional job Monday morning. Whoa!  A Manifesting Marvel.  (I feel like such a slacker!!!  Hahahaha!).

He’s not cocky about it (well, much. It’s really great confidence!) Ghee’s passionate and playful, grounded and focused. Ohhhh so focused. He’s a way-show-er for me. A role-model. I’m honored to be a part of his life. Thankful he is a part of mine.

Someone asked me if I was “proud of him.”   No.  

It’s not his job “to make me proud.”  It’s his job to ‘make’ himself feel proud.  

To me, when someone says “you make me proud of you” there is this implied (if unintentional) burden that the Other has to be or do  – accomplish something – to ‘win’ the speaker’s approval. Continue doing it to keep ‘earning’ love.  Conditionality.  

Nope.  Not in my world.  Not in a long, long time. (My how I’ve grown! I’m proud of me!)

So, Ghee ~ hear this:  I am thrilled for you.  I celebrate you.  I throw confetti in the air and Woohoo for you. And, I love you. Simply because you are.  G’ma.