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Remember Forward

 “It’s a poor sort of memory that only works backward.”

     ~   Lewis Carroll. (1832-1898)   Author – Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.  

When I first saw this quote, it tickled my fancy.  And my imagination.  Just like Carroll’s books did when I read them more than 60 years after his death. That’s a phenomenal legacy. (The fact that his books lived on allowed me and others to ‘remember him ‘forward’ as it were.

There are those who are gifted with something called “prescience”:  the ability to see or anticipate what will or might happen in the future. And, before folks start pooh-poohing the concept, ask yourself how many times you had a niggly-feeling about something you (or someone close to you) had planned or were going to do, and that little ‘something’ showed up minutes, hours or days later….. 

Of course, then there are those de’ja’ vu  moments – that s-t-r-a-n-g-e  feeling you’ve already seen or been some place that, prior to the present-now, you hadn’t.  Not quite the same thing, unless the you-back-then is remembering the you-now. Ha!  Wrap the Mind around that one, why don’tcha!

Overall, many of today’s coaches, counselors, sports gurus, ministers, leaders of commerce, teachers, encourage using the tool of Visioning. To picture what one wants ~ in lots of deliciously, delightful wonderfulness   Successful outcomes;  a grand picture of ‘down the road.’  Envisioning the woman or man you wish to become, the manner in which to accomplish something important. Huh.  What is that, if not “remembering forward.”  

Hmmmmm.  Think Lewis was on to something.

Take your Mind (and future memory) out to play in the positive future-of-you. You might be absolutely amazed at what you ‘see.’  (And later, who you bring into being!)

Pssst….. don’t be surprised if they greet you warmly.

Namaste’   Lin