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“No pressure, no diamonds”

 ~ Thomas Carlyle. 

Found myself ‘faced’ with truth-speaking with a loved one very recently. I had hemmed-and-hawed for weeks (and further truth be told…even months)before communicating. Geesh! (And Lin, you practice this as your craft and profession??? Hahahaha!)  

Yup.  Have found that I have even MORE empathy and understanding for what another can be experiencing because of my own Been-There-Done-That. It becomes a doorway to share experience, strength and hope.

Definition of h&h is:  “one is not sure of what to say or because one is trying to avoid saying something” (thanks Merriam), and I’ll add “how to say…” in my personal add-on definition.  

The “how to say” has nothing to do with manipulative talk, PC-isms, or any of those other acts of obfuscation. For me, it has to do with greater clarity, integrity, love, and hope. Conveying what I’ve perceived as my truths as they are at this point in time. 

That sounds like ‘truths’ are wishy-washy. On the contrary! Truths gain greater clarity and precision too as one lives, interacts, opens up to nuances and views previously unknown. My journey to spirit encompasses greater Knowings. Which, lovely-ironic, become honed down without the need for illusions – or hyperbole. Cool beans! (And sooooo freeing!)

I realize the ‘pressure’ I was feeling was self-induced. What-if’s, and what-about’s regarding their-unknown-reactions, and what-if-they ….yada yada yadas. All unknowns. All negative-future-focused. (Okay ~ coda relapse here. Breathe. ReKnow. Let go.)

As of this writing, I don’t know the outcome yet.  And that’s okay. I am trusting that diamonds await.

And so it is.