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Fly Baby, Fly!

“Aerodynamically the bumblebee shouldn’t be able to fly, 

but the bumblebee doesn’t know that, so it goes on flying anyway.”

~  MaryKay Ash. (1918-2001) Businesswoman and Founder: Mary Kay Cosmetics  

Remember that you are energy:  thermal, chemical, mechanical, potential andkinetic, mental/thought. It’s all inside you, at all times. 

Lin’s Nerd alert/time:  The human body has 37.8 trillion cells, including the 85 billion cells,  counting neurons and synaptic interactions, in the brain. (The human brain’s nerve cells [neurons] interconnected by trillions of synapses exchanging data at 268 miles per hour. Now THAT’s movement. That’s energy!)

Within and without these body, and brain cells and neurons, are atoms. Constantly in action. Constantly moving. Yup, some  6.5 octillion atoms (that’s 26 zeros)6,500,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000. Mmicroscopic moving, pulsing points of power. Energy:  You. Me. Them. All humans.

So don’t say you don’t have the energy to think, do, create something. Anything. Something grand, to you.

Too late?  Balderdash!  Look at the way-show-ers around you now, in history, and history-in-the-making.  

MaryKay (quoted above) was already 45 when she began her cosmetic business as a store-front enterprise. A 17-year old bride, and a mother of 3, was divorced after that spouse’s return from WWII. Nearly 20 years later she married again, only to be widowed in the new couple’s first year of marriage. Wow. Most folks would have ‘folded’ by now. She didn’t. 

Because every life has a story it’s meant to tell. Yes, for Each. One. Of. Us.  

At the time of her death Ashe’s personal worth was $98 million. The company she left behind was worth $1.2 bill. Wower!! Not too shabby a novel!

What’s your story?  What’s mine?  Hmmmmm.   it’s in the making at all times (whether one wants it to be or not.)  I say:  create a masterpiece!  (I’ll work on doing the same.)

Take a moment to remember that bumblebee in the quote above, the one who didn’t know it “shouldn’t” be able to soar.  It did it anyway.  

Be a bumblebee.  Fly baby, fly.