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Action and Awareness

“Self-awareness comes from action.”

 ~  Eric Barker.

I argued (mentally) with Mr. Barker on this, and yet…..

I have spent the past several weeks almost totally immersed in ‘action,’ and for an observer/ thinker/ planner, then visualizer/ manifester, this is sometimes a foreign place for me to be. (Ha, who am I kidding! I’m a mosey-er by nature. This has felt like intro scenes from Lost Horizon!)  All the movement. Whoa! My habitual-self oftimes cried out for “just some freakin’ P & Q”  (peace and quiet) as I moved from one piece of action to the next.

HOWever, because my wont, especially with a project of my own (or others I have the pleasure to work with), is to visualize the end-results first, I have held that final-Image in Mind as I moved from item-to-item, thing-to-thing. It has helped immeasurably, especially when I became an emotional 4-yr-old cranky-pants who just craved her passy and naptime. Ha!

It has also helped that I am graced to have loved ones who cheer me on, lend a hand (arms, back, legs, muscles attached to heave-ho), reMind me of the ‘why’ and purpose, and who laugh with me at sometimes the silliest (or smart aleck-est or sardonic-est) things. I adore a sense of humor! It truly does lighten things up for me, mentally and even physically. A sudden burble of unexpected laughter is indeed a fine thing.

The self-awareness part?  Yes, indeedy-do.  I’ve come face-to-face with my own resistance, the old stories rehashed just-to-prove-I’m-right, got downright irritated that others were behaving in a manner that didn’t fit my narrative, and, an occasional that-ain’t-right moment. (OK, maybe more than one!)  Whew. These were delightfully interspersed with huge buckets-full of joyful discoveries, and my own grateful self-affirmings that recognized the phenomenal growth and journey-work I’ve done these past decades.

Yea me!

I’ve kinda become my own Action Hero. Or Heroine as it is.  How cool is that?!!

Move over Ellen Ripley and Trinity.  Lin’s here.