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“Limitations live only in our minds. But, if we use our imaginations, … possibilities become limitless.”

 ~ Jamie Paolinetti.   

I have spent the past month addressing my own imaginary limitations. Up close and personal. (Oh no, Mr. Bill!!!)  

What worked for me, over-and-over (and often ad nauseum to those around me), was recalling and reciting and reiterating (ad nauseum – ha!) phrases which recentered me. ReMinded me of the purpose, the reason, the long-picture (and the manifestation thereof.)

Phrases such as:  

‘Does this bring me Joy?’ 

‘One thing at a time / one day at a time.’ 


‘What is the next right thing?’  

‘DO the next right thing!’ 

‘Stand still and fall into grace.’  

‘It’s their journey.’  

‘To thine own self be true.’

Of course, interspersed with these great, purposefully brief fonts of wisdom were other momentary thoughts like “WTF??”  and “This is crazy (or overwhelming).” “Just chuck it all” and “But…. it’s my stuff!!”  (Ha. I’d hear George Carlin in my head with that one!)

Kudos to me for remembering-to-remember Thich Nhat Hanh’s teachings of Walking Meditation.  Simply put, making each step taken to be one of purpose, and finding a sense of peace in those steps. (Satisfaction rates right up there with that sense of peace!)  Deliberately thinking about and doing a series of actions that I would normally do on autopilot. 

Being predominantly a “mind-dweller,” all the physical movement movement movement was, at times (a LOT of the time!), consuming. Sapped energy, and yet… tapped into energy stored somewhere! Evenings were spent feeling drained, weary, overtired, and any other synonym that comes into play. However, being that mind-dweller allowed me to see (and feel) progress, review the plans, make adjustments and sometimes chart a slightly different course, all in keeping with the out-pictured vision.  Yea Me!

I am thankful for these moments. (Sometimes quickly; sometimes slowly. 😘) The ‘living’ of those moments enhances my ability and nature to connect with others’ journey-steps. To empathize. To offer suggestions-that-worked-for-me as potential tools for them. To lessen the ‘overwhelm’ into bite-size pieces. (How do you eat an elephant?  🙂

To encourage Mind-Dwell 101 in tandem with Movement 102. To nurture. To Support. To give the gifts so wonderfully, generously given me. To Be and encourage authentic Beingness for ‘them,’ whomever they might be. 

To the best of my ability. (And I’ve got some stupendous ability!)

So do you.  Your possibilities are limitless.

And so it is.