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“Intuition is the highest form of knowledge.”

~ Dean Koontz.

 Koontz went on to say:  “What we learn from others can be mistaught by those not a fraction as knowledgeable as they pretend, or by those who are propagandists with agendas.  We are born with intuition however, which includes the natural law, a sense of right and wrong.”

With all the hyperbole careening around like pin balls ~ lights flashing, whistles blowing, bells clanging ~ it’s no wonder many, many folks feel as if their life (and world) is in perpetual ’tilt.’  Who to believe? Who to trust?

Hmmmm. Answer: How about one’s own intuition.

Intuition has been likened to “…the whisper of the soul,” or the feeling that something is correct or true (for one’s self), or those times when you don’t know how you know – yet you know that you know and knew you knew. {Say that fast 3 times!} 

Some may call it a ‘gut-feeling’ ~ which is validity for the fact ‘feelings’ – and the recognition of the finer ones – are there, readily available to everyone. Not the chitter-chatter (or downright screaming) that takes place in the head, nor the pitter-patter of the ‘heart’ (which can also be the hardening-of-the-heart for some). This is not where intuition lives. Those places tend to be noise-makers and smoke-screens to truth ~ your truth. Your gut-knowing.

I remember an adage about watching the reactions of babies/young toddlers and dogs when they are around other people. Their barometer of someone else’s trustworthiness is bang on. Same for being in an environment. They pick up on the vibe. Mainly, they have not incorporated all those ‘should’ and ‘must think’ messages that soon will be part of their social repertoire. They simply know-what-they-know deep inside. Huh. Might be important to follow their lead. 

Personally, I cannot count the times I’ve thought or uttered “I knew better than that.”  “I knew not to….”  as well as “I just felt it was the thing to do.” Pretty sure you can say the same. So when are you, and I, and the collective ‘we’ going to begin trusting their knowing? That inner voice or vibe?  Sometimes, too late, truly becomes “too late.”

Hmmm.  Just sayin’ !

Namaste’    Lin