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“Just ‘cuz you don’t like ’em, doesn’t mean you ain’t like ’em.”

~  Cormac McCarthy, Author: ‘Sunset Limited.’

Ouch!  Hahahahaha.

Immediately brought to mind the number of times I find myself grumbling about what someone else is saying ….. and thus doing the same thing by my own grumbling! (Mirror, mirror!!)

Ever had someone repeat back to you every sentence you say? I remember this from kidhood ~ and it use to bug me ~ or, as Mississippi Granny would say, “riled the fire outta me!”  (Even had this happen working on Psych units. There it is called ‘echolalia’ and viewed as a disorder.  In kidhood ~ just a mean get-your-goat get-even-with-you-ness. Ha!)

I don’t like that

I don’t like that

Stop it! 

Stop it!

My ‘that ain’t right’ judgments are no different than this ‘game.’

At present, a multitude of PPTE’s (people, places, things, events) carry the appearance of chaos. And yet I know that phenomenal growth can arise from those appearances. (A comment by Deepak Chopra:  “All great changes are preceded by chaos.”) I get that, especially on the grander scale. So, I breathe.

However …. (ah-ha!)

It’s the ‘smaller’ scale that I allow to irritate ‘the fire outta me.’ Usually the singularity of … another driver ‘in my way;’  … someone leaving their grocery cart in the middle of an aisle while they scope out the 437 selections of cereal (See… see! …there I go!) This judging thing is so ingrained and pervasive, it’s a wonder to me at times if I’ll ever grow beyond it!

(OK Lin, pause and remember-to-remember how far you have grown!)

As universal synchronicity is always in play, I had not one, yet rather two, fabulous conversations this past week regarding one’s Point of Power. The reMinder and recognition thereof, and how the heck to, again, remember-to-remember this “IS’m” on a perpetual basis. (Like, oh, I don’t know….a thousand times a day?!)  Creating a willingness of Mindset, a repeatable phrase / declaration of truth, and the follow-through with this willingness and declaration, each and every time I recognize “oops, there I go again.” The lovely thing is, it works! Every time.

(I’ve high-fived myself alot! Yea me!! And the perceived chaos has reduced. Huh. Go figure.)

As you travel forward into this time of “thanksgiving peace on earth goodwill to all,” others may be jostling for first-in-line position at the Amazon check-out, others snarling “and the horse You rode in on!,” or you are watching tugs-of-war verbally [or physically], pull out the mantra / declaration that works for you; repeat it silently. Breathe. You’ve just (even momentarily) stepped out of the chaos. Yea you!

Otherwise, “Just ‘cuz you don’t like ’em, doesn’t mean you ain’t like ’em.”