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“…when … things are pursued as ends, you sacrifice your natural, inner curiosity, not realizing until it’s too late. Pursuing interestingness is more fun.”~  Zat Rana. 

Not quite sure why this quote jumped out at me.  It may be the appreciation and celebration of words, and the number of times over the years I have spontaneously “created” new words for what I call Lin’s Dictionary.  Ha.  I got totally on board with the concept of Interestingness.

Since childhood I’ve had a vast attraction to interestingness-es in the world around me. Inner and outer.  If I were to pick one word (thought) that would best describe this phenomenon, it would be the word/thought “Huh.”  

Huh ~ why is the sky blue?

Huh ~ why do ducks quack and geese honk?

Huh ~ if on Earth there’s Mars retrograde, then does Mars experience Earth retrograde?

Huh ~ why………what if…..  

Coupled with that ‘huh-ing‘ is a spidey-sense of reading or seeing or sensing something that grabs my attention (such as Zat’s suggestion), then … it’s down-the-rabbit-hole for me.  If one has read otherElaborations written, there is often a line interjected that begins “did you know…..,” and I’m off and running.  Explaining or expounding on a bit of Interestingness that I have discovered. 

One of the pitfalls {what a visually descriptive word!} of huh-ing, or explaining …or expounding, is that others around me often perceive that I am attempting to set-them-straight, or get-in-their-business, or tell-them-what-they-should-do. That’s not my intent today {although often in the past it was! Ha!}  Today, as a decades-long dedicated recovering codependent 😊 I work diligently on the Wisdom to Know the Difference when being involved in conversations, being asked my thoughts, etc.  I’m not here to solve someone else’s problem / issue / conundrum. {Just as it’s not their job to solve mine.}  I AM here to support, suggest, and share any interestingness that has come into my awareness.

Sometimes it simply burbles out.

Huh ~ what are some ways I can hone my burbling so it does not come across as babbling… or preachy … or…..?  Huh. I’ll let you know what I discover.  {Any thoughts or suggestions appreciated!

‘Til then, I sooooo encourage you to step out of step with the “pursuit of ends,” and discover the myriad moments of interestingness occurring in your own life.